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Welcome to John Kha's Subnet


You have arived. John Kha's Subnet, designed by me, John C. Kha, will transport you into a new world, a world that will enlighten you on the ways of me. You will meet new people, learn new things, and most importantly, have a good time doing it. I will introduce you to my friends, show you wonderful things, and convince you that the world is NOT as boring as it seems. Explore, enjoy.

About Me

I currently attending the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. I live in an Apartment right next to the beautiful campus. Before college, I went to Las Animas High School, Las Animas, Colorado. I love beauty, especially when expressed in art and science. Life has intrigued me, so philosophy greatly interests me. The use of math and Science is another of my favorite subjects; I attend an Engineering school for that reason. I dream of having a substantial impact on the human race by changing the way people think of space travel. I wish to design the craft that will take us into space to explore and colonize.

I love almost all music and take a great interest in singing. If you ever meet me, you are bound to recognize my constant singing. Although this can be annoying, I do take requests. My favorite television series is Stargate (both of them), though I have, in the past, loved Star Trek, among other things the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. There, you can see many of my creations and read a fictionous story-line I wrote to fit them. My interests in building and designing have deep roots in my past and I hope you enjoy.

Contact Me
Yahoo Messenger:tgngajk
Snail Mail:85 S Union Blvd #M-15
Lakewood, CO 80228